2009 was a very good year for me, and I hope it was for all of you.  Now that it’s mostly over, I feel like much of what I accomplished (and the way I’ve responded to change) this year was all was oriented around setting myself up for great things next year:

  • Although I was laid off from my publishing producer role as part of the big restructuring and refocus at EA, I was quickly able to join a new company that is in the midst of a Lean/Agile revolution as a Release Manager.  The role reports directly to the CTO and has a strong mandate to deliver results to an established company looking to reinvent itself in order to compete against highly agile startups moving into their market.  It’s a challenging post, and I think the idea of “Go Big or Go Home” really applies here.   The best part is I’ll be able to share my lessons learned on this blog.
  • I’m back in Los Angeles now, and I have to say that now that I’m back from the Valley I’m realizing how much I missed this place.  The tech industry is a bit smaller here, but you really get to know people at all the companies here and it feels much more like a community.  I’m hoping to leverage some of my connections here into some quality interviews and guest writer posts here on this blog.
  • I’ve gotten to know some of my Lean guru friends better, as well as met some new ones.  Their insight and influence will be a major part of the way this blog takes shape over the next year.

Looking ahead to 2010 I’m excited to see how everything that has set itself up in 2009 plays out.   Definitely look for more posts on this blog now that I’m doing real configuration management again at a Lean company!

All the best for 2010,