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Jakob Ehn over at GeeksWithBlogs has written up a great list at   I’m particularly excited about the possibility of using templates for build definitions (I remember many an hour spent duplicating an existing build definition “the long way” with TFS 2008.)  It’s very cool that Microsoft decided to add gated check-ins as a core feature; we were able to get it working in the previous version, but it required a lot of creative engineering to get it working correctly.

I’ve just finished getting my local VM TFS sandbox up and running, and I have to say I’m very impressed with the new installation and configuration process.  There still seem to be the usual arcane permissions magic that needs to be done in order to get everything playing together nicely, but nothing that you can’t figure out with a bit of trial and error and/or making service accounts domain administrators. 🙂


Craig Tadlock (over at the Tadlock Enterprises Blog) made a couple good posts recently about Team Foundation Server and Team Build 2010:

Work Item Classifications
Work Item Relationships

He also came across this great blog that is focused on doing automated testing:

as well as this link discussing custom workflow items:

I’m setting up a local TFS test environment for myself now and hopefully soon should have some interesting information on setting up Lean build systems using this great platform.  I was lucky enough to work at a company that used the previous incarnation of Team Foundation Server and I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see what goodies Microsoft is giving us on this go-around.


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