Hello, and welcome to my Lean Release Engineering journal!  

I believe that a focused exploration of Lean manufacturing and software development as it applies to release engineering can teach us a lot about the production “manufacturing” build and release process, and am hoping that through this journal we can have an ongoing discussion about what exactly we mean by Lean Software Development and Lean Manufacturing and how these principles apply to (and can improve) not just build and release engineering but all types of similar software production pipelines.  Because there are already good resources for “in the trenches” configuration management, I’m going to attempt to keep this journal focused (at least primarily) at the systems level: how individuals, teams, and entire organizations interact with the build and release pipeline and the role that a Lean release team plays in the entire software development life cycle.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your suggestions, links, or even your own content to be submitted.  I look forward to hearing from you!  It is my hope that this journal will always be a collaborative effort, and just as Lean teaches us that one of the greatest assets to a system are the folks who are actually doing the work my hope is that this page will reflect that.  

Jason Lenny

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